Cart-Power Horrific Experience!

Let me preface this by saying I have used Cart-Power many times. They have always been the most expensive developer but most of the time their work is good.

However, this time all they doing is gouging their customer for substandard work.

On the 29/06/2021 I paid for them to fix and change the following:

Supplier price addon for quantity discount to change to a new cost price addon. I used to use CS-CART Biz cost price addon but moved to the retail factory cost profit one instead as it supports the latest version of CS-CART, where at the older one did not and updates to that extension where very slow. Keep in mind they already did it for the last addon I was using, so all they have to really do is update where it pulls the cost price from the database, there is no reworking of their existing addon they did for me.

The second fix, which is totally caused by their extension is the image zoom on the product details page when switching to a different variant did not work when Cart-Power Power Blog addon is enabled. if I disable it, it all works fine. Perfectly fine in fact.

So Invoice number #7611 was created with the total value for these changed was a massive $270.00

Which I was wiling to pay, as it is possible that their blog addon is in conflict with the theme I am using.

However, I was in for some fun.

I got this response


Hello Warren!

Thank you for your patience. I am glad to let you know the 'Supplier price' changes and Power Blog conflict fix for task finished 5 days ahead of schedule.

The images zoom issue is not connected with the Power Blog in any way - it is caused by the implementation of the default Image zoom add-on. When the Ajax on the page is launched with the 'full render' quality the page content reloads. However, due to the fact, the page is not refreshed, the JS code does not launch.

Due to the fact the issue is caused by a default add-on you may see the same issue on many CS-Cart stores. However, it took us some time to find its source and find a suitable way to bypass it. Now everything works fine, you can check it here:


However, the developer spent more than two times more time on the issue-fixing than we assumed. According to the invoice description, I prepared a corresponding $120 invoice for you. Please, proceed to the link below to find it:


I was in shock, I couldn't believe, making up some story how many stores have this image zoom issue on variants and Its all my fault I must pay more, they did some janky changes to the core working of CS-CART as you can see in their demo store fix. It now reload the javascript for the zoom, its not like how it works in default cs-cart at all. Keep in mind if I disable their blog addon it works fine.


That makes no sense. If I disable the blog addon the the zoom works fine with different options.

So its not true. It is totally your addon.


At this point they not budging on me paying more for some sloppy fix that is not needed. So I let them know they can steal my money for the fix of the image zoom and just implement the cost profit addon small change they had to do. I really am not going to pay them more for this. I will just move all my blog posts back to the default blog addon and move on.

I frankly wont ever use them again. I am totally done with their custom development and be warned if one their addons have some sort of conflict with your theme or some other addon be prepared to pay massively.

I would like to Thank the owner Ruslan Khanbikov for resolving my issue and refunding me on the amount I paid for a fix that is not my fault.

Thank you for resolving it.

Daer Warren,

Please accept our apologies once again for this mistake from our side. We will do our best to improve our service and make sure that such an issue never happens again.

Thank you.

A sign of a good compzny is how the react when things go wrong.

Fair play :) seems they reacted well and came here to respond.

Personally I have alawys had good service from them, but all companies have problems from time to time.