Cart-Power Add-Ons: Must-Have Add-ons Pack For CS-Cart

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Please take a look at our add-ons bundle of a great value: Must-Have Add-ons Pack For CS-Cart!

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We have collected the most popular add-ons in one package that will take your CS-Cart-based online store to a new level immediately after installation and configuration.

What is included in the Must-Have Add-ons Pack For CS-Cart:

1. Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Allows you to integrate Google Tag Manager and add tags on your own to track the site statistics with no help from programmers. Add, remove and edit tags directly through the interface of the free Google Tag Manager. Track various events in your store and analyze them in your personal Google Analytics account.

2. Live Search

The fastest and the most feature-rich search for your online store.

The Live Search add-on is a free-of-a-monthly-fee alternative to cloud search services.

Clustering caching system provides maximum search speed in stores with a large number of products.

The search history will help to analyse the search activity in your store, add suggestions and recommendations displayed in the search results, and get rid of the zero search results.

Customizable look and feel of the Live Search will make the search simple and convenient, and your clients will see only relevant search results thanks to the fine search conditions tuning.

3. Extended Email Marketing

Includes all the features, required for successful email-marketing. Use placeholders to configure notification templates for abandoned carts, wishlists, viewed products, events, products review requests. Add promo codes to the notification templates and track stats of each notification and used promo codes.

4. Power Blog

Unique and high-quality content on your site is the key to successful SEO promotion. With the Power Blog add-on, you can post not only articles but image galleries, videos, publications about places and events tagged on maps, which will attract new visitors to the site and retain old ones. Power blog will fit any store design thanks to the Fine-tuning of the look. Tags and blog search will make navigation intuitive. Link articles to products, product categories, brands, and place blocks with articles on other pages of your site for internal crosslinking.

5. Power Pop-up Notifications

A strong marketing tool that solves the problem of informing customers about news, offers, promotions or policies, increases sales and quality of your customer service.

6. Power Reviews

Extends the default reviews and comments features, allowing the administrator and clients to get the most out of them. Thanks to the attributes (parameters) for precise product evaluation, ability to upload photos and videos, separate fields “Advantages and Disadvantages” and user experience information you will easily get detailed reviews that will be really useful to your customers. The system of likes allows customers to put the most useful reviews to the top, and the “verified purchase” marks for the reviews will add more trust. A flexible review approval system will allow customers to change or delete their reviews, and special blocks with the most positive/negative reviews and a recommendation block will allow the client to quickly navigate and make a purchase decision. The add-on features allow you to import old reviews created before add-on installation, as well as place old and new reviews in a special block with different options for templates and settings.

7. Power Labels

The best way to attract customer attention to certain products and make look and style of your store more bright. It is the very flexible and easy-to-use add-on to create image and text labels for your products. The optimized code and reduced number of database requests guarantee the faster loading of product and product lists pages.


CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor versions 4.10.x - 4.17.x.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in this thread or contact us.

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