Cart-Power Add-Ons: All-in-One SEO Pack

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Please take a look at our SEO add-ons bundle of a great value: All-in-One SEO Pack!

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This package extends the SEO features of the CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor stores for getting higher positions in the search results. All add-ons are perfectly integrated with each other, which allows you to get the max SEO effect from their joint use.

What is included in the All-in-One SEO Package:

1. SEO Optimization

The SEO Optimization add-on is a pack of tools for SEO optimization of your store: flexible management of the site pages indexation allows you to exclude pages that should not be indexed from the index, HTML-minification, export/import of 301 redirects, double slashes removal from the URL, canonical URLs for various store pages, the Last-Modified HTTP header, and even the SEO-name editor for editing the SEO-name table right from the admin panel.

2. SEO Templates

The SEO Templates add-on will help you to fill in the SEO data for products, categories, features and content pages in your online store quickly and with no quality loss. It keeps metadata up to date with minimum effort and time spent on it. Very useful add-on for website SEO-optimization.

Generates meta data by template for pages added by Cart-Power add-ons: Seo For Tags, SEO for Brands, Power Reviews, Power Blog.

3. Extended Sitemap XML

This add-on allows you to generate an extended XML sitemap that meets all the requirements of the search engines. Exclude links to out of stock products and products without prices, empty categories and brands without products from the sitemap. Add additional custom links and a separate XML image sitemap.

Automatically collects all links to additional SEO pages added by Cart-Power add-ons such as SEO for Tags, SEO for Brands, Power Reviews, Power Blog, SEO for Filters, Power FAQ, Video Gallery, Images Gallery and adds them to the sitemap.

4. SEO For Brand Pаges

The SEO For Brand Pages add-on allows you to improve the look and feel of a standard brand page - three view templates, an alphabetical index, a search bar, and full control over brand page SEO.

5. Extended Tags / SEO for tags

Extended Tags add-on helps using default tags for successful marketing and store promotion. With the add-on you are able to create SEO optimized tag pages with description and meta data to improve search positions in Google.

6. SEO For Images

The SEO For Images add-on saves your time on adding alt and title texts to each image of the product, category, or feature manually. The add-on also allows you to rename image files by a template. The more images in your store the more time you save.

7. SEO For Filters

SEO For Filters add-on allows you to promote category + filter combination pages in search engines, gaining an advantage over your competitors and improving SEO performance. You just need to create unique landing pages for certain combinations of categories and filters, and fill in the SEO data of these pages.

8. JSON-LD Markup

Add JSON-LD Markup to improve your site’s SEO performance. More informative snippets of your products with photos, prices, availability and reviews will increase organic search traffic by attracting users attention.

Allows you to mark up data added by Cart-Power add-ons: Power Reviews, Power Blog, Power FAQ, Product Questions and Video Gallery.

9. Open Graph Markup

Open Graph Markup add-on will help you drive additional traffic from social networks. You will be able to customize the information displayed on social networks and receive excellent clickability posts.

Adds OG markup to the pages added by Cart-Power add-ons: Power Blog and Video Gallery.

10. Yandex IndexNow + Google Indexing API

Automatically notify Yandex about changes on the site: new pages added, when already indexed pages are updated or removed. The IndexNow protocol is used, which allows you to directly notify Yandex about changes on the site, without waiting for the next crawl by the indexing bot.

All add-ons of the package are well integrated with each other, which lets you get the max effect from their joint use.

When developing these add-ons, we took into account not only our 10+ years experience in SEO, but the recommendations of the leading SEO agencies. You get a complete set of tools for proper SEO optimization of CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor stores.


CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor versions 4.10.x - 4.17.x.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in this thread or contact us.

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