Cart-Power Add-On: Product Categories Management In Two Clicks

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Today we have uploaded CS-Cart “Product categories management in two clicks” add-on. The add-on makes the categories addition for products more comfortable. You can add the new one to the current categories list or redefine all categories of the product (all current categories will be deleted). All available product categories are displayed on the product editing page in the additional section. You can select the product main category right in this section.

The add-on functionality is available for all vendors in the Multi-Vendor platform by default.

Administrator features:

  • The simple management of the product categories
  • All available categories are displayed in the open list on the product editing page
  • You can add the new categories fast, redefine all current product categories, set the main product category in the open categories list

Step 1. Change the main product category and add a new one:

Step 2. The main product category is changed and the new category is added after saving:

Step 1. Select the main product category and add new categories if the Redefine option is on:

Step 2. New categories have been added instead of the current categories after saving:

Add-on price is $19 only!

Demo is available:

Compatible with: CS-Cart and Multivendor 4.7.x, 4.6.x, 4.5.x, 4.4.Ñ…, 4.3.Ñ…

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