Cart-Power Add-On: Product 360 View

Dear Friends,

Today we have uploaded CS-Cart Product 360 view add-on. Sometimes 2D images are not enough to show the product fully to the potential buyer. Our Product 360 view add-on helps you to avoid these problems and raise the product demonstration level.

Each vendor can configure the 360 view mode to his/her products on the Multi-Vendor platform.

Administrator features:

  • Advanced product demonstration, equal to the gif. animation;
  • User-friendly functionality;
  • Ability to upload the unlimited amount of images and configure the speed of images changing;
  • Doesn't reduce the page loading speed (the 360 view mode loading starts when all the rest information on the page have been loaded);
  • 360 view mode is available for each vendor;

General Settings

The uploaded images list

Product in store with 360 view icon

360 view mode on the detail product page

Compatible with: CS-Cart and Multivendor 4.4.x - 4.15.x.

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