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This add-on will help to manage the internal document flow of the marketplace: create and publish the agreements that should be signed or accepted by vendors. Documents can be considered approved or declined automatically within a set period of time. It keeps previous versions of the document if any changes made in it as well as a detailed document activity log where vendor actions with the documents are recorded.

Electronic document flow within the marketplace is the basis of legal communication between the administrator and vendors. The more vendors, the more documents it needs. This add-on helps to significantly simplify the task of maintaining electronic documentation and saves the administrator’s time on its distribution and processing.

What Does the Legal Docs Add-on Do?

Works with Document Templates

You can create document templates directly in a text editor and use placeholders, or you can attach ready-made PDF-files.

Helps Organize Storage

Sections will help you organize quick access to the required document.

Stores Different Versions of Documents

After the document is published and the approval status is changed by the vendors, the administrator can create a new version of the document. The number of possible versions of one document is not limited.

Sends Documents to Chosen Vendors

The availability type in the settings of each template will help you send the document only to the necessary recipients.

Has Two Modes of Working with Documents

The add-on settings allow you to automatically change the approval status of each new document or terminate the document after a specified period of time. You can also perform these operations manually.

Displays the Entire History of Activity with Documents

Each document template stores information about the actions connected with it. The general activity log is placed in a separate menu section.


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