Cart-Power Add-On: Google Tag Manager (Gtm)

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We present to you our new Google Tag Manager (GTM) add-on.


The add-on allows you to integrate Google Tag Manager and add tags on your own to track the site statistics with no help from programmers. Add, remove and edit tags directly through the interface of the free Google Tag Manager. Track various events in your store and analyze them in your personal Google Analytics account.​

How the Google Tag Manager (GTM) add-on can help your business?

Analysis of statistical data on the behavior of website visitors is a powerful tool for SEO specialists and Internet marketers.
You don’t have to hire a developer to track events related to the purchase of a product, its views, adding to the cart, or any other actions of customers on your site. For these purposes, there are special tags that can be managed via the Google Tag Manager (GTM) service.
All collected information can be viewed in a special Google Analytics service - the add-on provides separate settings for Universal Analytics (UA) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4).
For the convenience of collecting and further analyzing statistical data, all GTM events can be divided into 3 groups: Store Events (events not directly connected with purchase on the site), Ecommerce Events (Targeted Purchase Actions) and Remarketing Events (tracking actions that can be analyzed for advertising purposes).
Add-on Features:
- Separate GTM events management page.
- Ability to create properties for UA and GA4.
- Ability to create additional dynamic parameters for GTM events (category, action, etc.).
- Ability to set a goal for Yandex.Metrica in a GTM event.
- Ability to send product lists (all items or only products in the visible area).
- GTM Events are grouped into 3 types: Store Events, Ecommerce Events, and Remarketing Events.
- Ability to track the purchase / refund of products when the order status changes.

Compatible with: CS-Cart and Multivendor 4.10.x - 4.14.x

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