Cart-Power Add-On: Extended Sitemap Xml

Friends, meet our new "Extended Sitemap XML" add-on!


Extended Sitemap XML add-on allows you to generate an extended XML sitemap that meets all the requirements of the search engines. Exclude links to out of stock products and products without prices, empty categories and brands without products from the sitemap. Add additional custom links and a separate XML image sitemap.

Why Is a Sitemap so Important?

An XML sitemap is where the search robots start indexing any website. So it is a must have for any store, especially if it has a complex structure and a large products database.

What Benefits Do You Get With Extended Sitemap XML?

Allows you to create a sitemap that meets the Google requirements: the Sitemap file contains no more than 50,000 URLs, and its size does not exceed 50 MB. If one of the limits is exceeded, the Sitemap file is split into several and a Sitemap index file is created with links to all Sitemap files of the site.
Thanks to the add-on , you can flexibly manage the inclusion of products, category pages, brands, and additional links in an extended XML sitemap. Generate advanced XML map, XML image map and advanced HTML sitemap on schedule.

Add-on Features:

- Improves the indexing of the site by search robots.

- Improves the image indexing.

- Sitemap generation by CRON to keep the sitemap up to date.

- Ability to include additional custom links in the sitemap.

- Ability to generate an extended HTML sitemap.

- Administrator privileges.

- Customizable conditions for including the links to objects that are dynamically present in the store to the sitemap. Pages of empty categories, brands and products without prices or availability may be excluded from the sitemap.

- Integration with other Cart-Power solutions: SEO for tags, Power reviews, Power blog, SEO for filters, SEO For Brand Pages.

Online add-on demo

Version 1.1 is compatible with CS-Cart/ Multi-Vendor 4.10.1 - 4.15.x

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Extended Sitemap XML

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Works correctly with the popular themes YOUPI and UniTheme.

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Dear Friends!

We have updated our Extended Sitemap XML add-on to version 1.1 from 12 of August 2022. What is new:

[+] - The sitemap is divided into separate XML files by objects (products, categories, brands, pages, FAQ, images).
[*] - Addon.xml version 3.0.

If you have any questions - please contact us.

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