Cart-Power Add-On: Extended Order Logger

Dear Friends!

Please welcome our new Extended Order Logger add-on!

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Extended Order Logger add-on was created for detailed monitoring of order changes - an additional tab on the order detail page in the admin panel will display a detailed log of the order changes including information about added / removed positions, order status change, total order amount, etc.

Not all orders have a simple history - sometimes new positions are added and old ones are deleted from the order, the cost of products or the total amount of the order changes. Sometimes information collected about the order by CS-Cart is not enough, it becomes necessary to view the entire history with all the changes made to the order to understand what was going on.

Order Logs

The whole history of changes in each order is available in a special tab:

Detailed information about each action is just a click away:

Deleting old logs

You can manually delete old logs in a separate order:

in all orders at once:

or you can automate this process with CRON:

Export / Import Order Event Log

You won’t lose logs even when exporting orders:


Control the access of a user group to the order change history:


6 months of the free upgrade period included.

Works correctly with the popular themes YOUPI and UniTheme.

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