Cart-Power Add-On: Animated Blocks

Dear Friends!

We are announce the release of our "Animated Blocks" add-on!

CS-Cart "Animated Blocks" add-on is a special module which allows to add different animation effects to blocks (for example: main content, slider, "On sale" and "Hot deals" blocks). It really makes your site more dynamic and attractive. You can choose animation styles from the list of available: bounce, flash, pulse, rubberBand, shake, swing, tada, wobble, etc.

The entry formats are the following:

  • animated cp-[name of chosen class]
  • [name of User-defined CSS-Class] animated cp-[name of chosen class]


CS-Cart 4.3.x - 4.9.x

Multi-Vendor 4.3.x - 4.9.x

See also video tutorial and documentation

Thank you.

I Like it, nice work

Very nice!

We are happy that you like it!

See also our easy and graceful add-on “Floating Menu”.

Have a nice day:)

can the fade in be applied to the category pages (products on the grid view)?

Also does this speed up page times like lazy loader?

Also - do you have my blog mod done? LOL

Dear Dave,

  1. CSS style classes can be applied to any block on any page. On the category page there is one block for all products, so the effect can be applied only to products block, not for each product. For each product to fade in you need to place products in separate blocks.

  2. No, it is not similar to lazy loader, it does not speed up the site.

  3. We sent you a PM.

    Sincere regards,

    Cart Power

Very nice!

Dear Friends,

One of our clients prepared list of available classes for Animated Blocks add-on. So another clients can easy copy it and insert. Here is full list:

animated cp-bounce

animated cp-flash

animated cp-pulse

animated cp-rubberBand

animated cp-shake

animated cp-swing

animated cp-tada

animated cp-wobble

animated cp-jello

animated cp-bounceIn

animated cp-bounceInDown

animated cp-bounceInLeft

animated cp-bounceInRight

animated cp-bounceInUp

animated cp-bounceOut

animated cp-bounceOutDown

animated cp-bounceOutLeft

animated cp-bounceOutRight

animated cp-bounceOutUp

animated cp-fadeIn

animated cp-fadeInDown

animated cp-fadeInDownBig

animated cp-fadeInLeft

animated cp-fadeInLeftBig

animated cp-fadeInRight

animated cp-fadeInRightBig

animated cp-fadeInUp

animated cp-fadeInUpBig

animated cp-fadeOut

animated cp-fadeOutDown

animated cp-fadeOutDownBig

animated cp-fadeOutLeft

animated cp-fadeOutLeftBig

animated cp-fadeOutRight

animated cp-fadeOutRightBig

animated cp-fadeOutUp

animated cp-fadeOutUpBig

animated cp-flipInX

animated cp-flipInY

animated cp-flipOutX

animated cp-flipOutY

animated cp-lightSpeedIn

animated cp-lightSpeedOut

animated cp-rotateIn

animated cp-rotateInDownLeft

animated cp-rotateInDownRight

animated cp-rotateInUpLeft

animated cp-rotateInUpRight

animated cp-rotateOut

animated cp-rotateOutDownLeft

animated cp-rotateOutDownRight

animated cp-rotateOutUpLeft

animated cp-rotateOutUpRight

animated cp-hinge

animated cp-rollIn

animated cp-rollOut

animated cp-zoomIn

animated cp-zoomInDown

animated cp-zoomInLeft

animated cp-zoomInRight

animated cp-zoomInUp

animated cp-zoomOut

animated cp-zoomOutDown

animated cp-zoomOutLeft

animated cp-zoomOutRight

animated cp-zoomOutUp

animated cp-slideInDown

animated cp-slideInLeft

animated cp-slideInRight

animated cp-slideInUp

animated cp-slideOutDown

animated cp-slideOutLeft

animated cp-slideOutRight

animated cp-slideOutUp

Remember, that you can easy check how works any of these effects on this recourse: [url=“Redirecting to Animate.css”][/url]

Best Wishes!

Is this addon compatible with cs-cart 4.3?

Is this addon compatible with cs-cart 4.3?

We are sorry for the delay with answer. Yes, Cart-Power add-on: Animated blocks is compatible with CS-Cart version 4.3.x.


We would like to inform you that the cost of Animated Blocks add-on is USD 9 now.

We have also added ability to disable animations for Mobiles and Tablets.

Thank you.

Dear Friends,
We are happy to inform you that our Animated Blocks add-on is fully compatible with CS-Cart 4.4.2
Feel free to contact us if any questions arise.
Best regards,
P.S. You can try the functionality of this add-on in our demo-store.