Cart-Power Add-On: Advanced Profile Fields

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The Advanced Profile Fields add-on empowers standard profile and form fields, allowing the administrator to restrict or specify the use of certain symbols, numbers and characters in them. You will be able to add placeholders and tooltips. The add-on also adds a new field type that allows you to break fields into sections or give them titles.

What Does the Add-on Do?

Helps the User to Fill In the Field

Tooltips (text under the field name or tooltip) and placeholders will give the user additional information and indicate the required input format:

Prevents Input of Unwanted Elements

Separate settings allow you to restrict symbols, numbers, lowercase and uppercase characters - you decide which text is considered relevant:

Allows You to Create a Mask

The mask you create will help reduce the number of errors when entering data and achieve a single format when sending:

The add-on adds similar settings to form fields (Website > Pages > [Form_name] > Cart-Power: Additional field settings block):

Adds a New Field Type

The new Title/Section field type will help you organize the available fields for greater user convenience:


Learn more in add-on documentation.

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