Cart Operation- Manufacturers/Categories

I am a new user setting up a cart and do not see any association or any settings for relating categories to a specific manufacturer. Can this be done? For example the breadcrumbs would look like


Currently it looks like


If there are 1000 products under one manufacturer, then it would seem appropriate to group them by catergory before display.

Can this be setup with the current release?


CS-CArt 1.35sp3

If you have Manufacturers checked in Addons you should have a Manufacturers link under Catalog on the left column of your admin cpl. If you’ve added manufacturers and assigned them in your products, you will have just what you want under the manufacturers side box. When you click on a manufacturer, all products for that manufacturer will show. Look at I changed the name of mine to Shop By Vendor but it’s the same as Manufacturers.

That has been done already. What is not available is to have only categories for the selected manufacturer show on the next page. Another way of saying would be duplicating the function of selecting a category and all sub categories show on the next page. Similar but I want to select a manufacturer and have the next page show all subcategories for products that belong to that manufacturer,

For example, A manufacturer named Sony was selected. Instead of showing all products for Sony on subsequent pages, I would see a categories page which had TV, Cameras, portable radios, music CDs, etc images (and links) that are assigned to Sony or picked up by product table relations. I could select TV and only see Sony TVs in the catalog pages.

I hope this helps define what I’m looking for. I have not seen this but it would be very nice as some of the manufacturers I am working on may have more than a thousand products split up among 15 categories.

CS-Cart V1.35sp3 looking at sp4