cart not empty after payment processed using securetrading

Hi If I have put this in the wrong place please accept my apoligy in advance.

I have finished setting up our CS CART system using 2.0.15, we use as our payment processor. They have sent me a addon module for payment processing, all seems to work fine other than when the user is returned to our CSCART site to show the order they just placed their cart also still contains all items they just purchased in their order rather than clearing it down to empty.

is there a triger that is not being sent back from the sucessfull payment redirection? or am I missing somthing?

Regards in advance for any help on this, securetading seem to think all is working correct as far as they can see.

same problem for me !! any hints ?

i program our payment gateway module but getting same issue !!

cs cart 2.2.2