Cart Discount Calculation

I have our cart setup to provide customers with a 5% “First Online Buy” discount. However, if someone who has previously is shopping but is not logged in they receive a popup that they will receive the discount. When they log in the discount is removed.

Is there a way to supress the notification? I am pretty sure we are going to get people who say they were promised the discount and then did not receive it. They would be right (kind of).

If we cannot supress the notice we may have to go with a coupon of sorts …

Just wanted to see if anyone has found a way around this.



I am guessing that you are using the “Once per customer” condition to determine eligibilty. Currently, there is no way to restrict the promotion to only registered users. If you allow the discount to unregistered users, there is no way to restrict the number of uses per customer.

There is a feature request in the Bug Tracker to additional conditions which would address this:


You might want your voice to that request.


Thanks Bob.

Yes, you are correct in your assumption on how I am doing this. I have some alternatives and will use one of them.