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I have the following question.

i have 2 products in the cart.

One with 10 % catlog discount

One with normal price

If i add a coupon code 10% i only want to give 10 % on the product with the normal price.

Is that possible and how can i do that?

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when creating the coupon add another condition that “products in” and choose the products you want it to apply to

Thats not what i mean…

I have a coupon code and a product with 10% discount

For example i have 2 products in my cart. One has already 10% catalog discount and the other product normal price.

So if the customer has a couponcode the coupon discount has to be ONLY for the product with de normal price.

Is that possible?

I hope it is a little clearer :-)

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A cart promotion (which is what the coupon is) applies to everything in the cart, unless you have added other conditions to limit it to “categories”, or specific products, or user groups, etc.

A catalog promotion acts separately.

When you check the box that states “stops other rules”, that only applies to the same kind of promotion - catalog or cart, not both. Which means a catalog promotion will not stop a cart promotion and vice versa.

Hi Magpie Don,

Do you know which cart counpon file the rebate is calculated?

Because then you could also say:

If the product does not contain promotional catalog give the cart promotion that article. In a foreach loop or something? Is that possible?



There is no “Rebate” promotion in CS-Cart. I don't know of any addon that is designed to issue actual Rebates on individual products.

But, I suppose there is a built in CS-Cart predefined promotion that could be configured to act like an Instant Rebate.

Your original question asked if you could prevent the Cart promotion (promo code) from being applied to a Catalog promotion (discounted product price).

Without modifying any code, you could work around the problem in two ways (off the top of my head):

1 - Add a new category to the Catalog promotion items (like a SALE category). Then set up the condition for the Cart promotion (promo code) to prohibit the promo code from being applied to products in that category. You would set the condition to True: Product is NOT IN the category.

2 - You could add a new Feature to the Catalog promotion items (like a SALE feature) and do the same thing with the Cart promotion's conditions.

In essence, if you can find a way to identify all the products that have Catalog Promotional pricing (discounts on the individual items), you can exclude them from being included in discounts given by the Cart Promotion promo code.

Hi Magpie Don,

Yhanks for your reply!

I have made the code, zee below, but this doesnt work. It says This coupon code doesnt exist, but it exist.

Can you see what i do wrong?!



Sorry Bas, but your images are not showing. Looks like they are linked to a SSL page with secure certificate problems or something.

Sorry! Now it works! :grin: