Cars Skin (CSS question) IE7 and Firefox

Running CS-Cart 2.0.10 with a modified “Cars” skin in Mozilla Firefox 3.5.6, I get perfect results in my header looking at the logo, which is divided into three sections to replace the default “Cars” skin images.

Now let’s take a peek in IE7. Wow, who would have guessed. It looks like sh!t. This has to be CSS. Does anyone know what needs to be corrected? I couldn’t seem to get any padding changes to make a difference.

URL: [B][url][/url][/B]

All I did is replace images and color codes. I may have adjusted padding at some point, but the changes I make now do not seem to help. If anyone knows what portion of code to edit, and in what location, that information would be helpful.

[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]Thank you.[/COLOR]