Carousel banner block won't show

I've added my images to Website > Banners then added the block for the banners on my Home Page. They don't show up. There's an empty space where it should be (it moves other content down so something knows it's supposed to be there) but nothing shows.

My settings for the Main Banners block are Carousel template. I tried Newest for content & Manually & added them but it gives the same result.

Image of my settings:


Hello Brennie369!

I've just thought that it probably can be a browser issue. FireFox may use a plugin that blocks banners. Do you use FireFox? If yes, please try another browser and see if the problem still exists.

And, please, clear your cart and browser cache.

Best regards, Alt-team

Ok it must be the browser because it does appear in IE. Is there a fix for this or another suggested setting that does work in Firefox as well?