Carol Woolf Gallery & Frame Factory - WIP, but getting orders.

[url][/url] This is our new Factory Outlet Store.

It is a work in progress, but we are getting orders.

Old site is still up

I have a question and this applies to many sites not just yours. Whats the reason to advertise your hosting company and the company who designed your website on your home page? Are they giving you free services or discounting their rates in exchange for the advertisement? In our case we pay our hosting company monthly and we paid to have our site designed so I feel no need to give them free publicity on our homepage. This question is not a knock against your site, which i think is very nice, I am just curious.

The Hosting company, which is also an authorized csCart reseller, gives an ongoing discount to me if anyone clicks through and signs up for hosting with them.

Regarding the links to csCart & the template provider in the footer, I am not knowlegeable enough on how to remove them. I did the whole site myself using only the functions I have found so far on the csCart admin interface pages.

If anyone can direct me to the on/off switch on the admin pages or the file name & code lines, I would modify that footer.

:slight_smile: First I thought you are Carolyn Thompson’s ANTIQUE CENTER OF TEXAS…

Hi Carol,

remove the powered by link or change it

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation