Cant see Customers

Am I missing something. I can see the orders ok but when I click customers none of the people who bought are listed there. Is there somekind of express checkout that they are chosing that I haven’t seen?


quantex - You are probably allowing anonymous checkout. To change, go to Admin backend, Settings, and near the bottom tick the checkbox for ‘Disable anonymous checkout.’

Just be sure you actually want this, as this will force users to register at your store before they can purchase.

hey thanks, didn’t realise that was there. Whats the difference then, surely they still have to put their address in no matter what. I don’t want to upset the applecart, I’m getting orders so unless there is any real benefit I might leave it as it is. What do you think?


For some reason, some people don’t like the idea of creating an account. I don’t understand really. The only difference is that there is an extra password.

I’m one of those “some people,” because signing up for yet another website is annoying to me most times, and a little unnerving if not a well-known site.

However, if people want your product badly enough, they’ll sign up and it won’t matter. It also allows you to target your marketing much more if you have an existing list of customers and stats.

To each, his own.

Im one of these people too…

However, looking around, theres hardly any shops left where you can buy without having to register, so with this in mind, its a familiar setup. I suppose they expect that they can track orders etc.

So for the first time since using CS yesterday I switched anonymous checkout off, so far the orders seem to be at the same level

I’m sure that your demographic are a little more technical savvy than other people’s. They probably realise it’s no big deal.

If someone is a little unsure about buying over the net, then they may be more easily put off.

Well I’m getting orders (which is more than I did with cubcart) so I’m leaving it as it is. I really think that peeps were too put off by the long cubecart checkout, I’m running the same google add and everything but the difference is amazing.