Can't save edits to profile fields

I recently added several custom profile fields through my admin panel. I backed up my profile databases, and then modified my profile_fields database by changing is_default to Y for these additional fields. I was not able to obtain the desired output and changed the is_default value back to N. I then found I was no longer able to make any changes to my profile fields through my admin panel. Any action resulted in an “error occurred” message upon saving.

I restored my profile databases from the back up and cleared cache. I can now add and delete custom fields without error. However, when I try to edit existing fields I again receive an “error occurred” message upon saving.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Enable database error logging in Administration/Logs

Then run it again and go to the Logs and look to see what the DB error is.

I would advise against modifying the DB directly. They do some special things with profile fields as they related to checkout and orders that are dependent upon ensuring that all custom fields are indexed with integers only, not by name.

Thanks so much tbirnseth. I will take your advice to heart. Do you have time to give me a little more help? These are my results:

Error: Unknown column ‘0’ in ‘field list’ (1054)

Query: UPDATE cscart_profile_fields SET position = ‘10’, 0 = ‘Title’, field_type = ‘L’, profile_show = ‘N’, profile_required = ‘N’, checkout_show = ‘N’, checkout_required = ‘N’ WHERE field_id = 5


/home/…/core/fn.database.php (db_error): 310

Nevermind, misread!


0 = ‘Title’,


You have something that is generating a literal value (‘0’) and trying to assing a value to it. Hence the message. Seeing the backtrace would probably tell you where that’s happening.

Thanks tbirnseth. This is the entire backtrace:

/home/…/core/fn.database.php (db_error): 310

/home/…/controllers/admin/profile_fields.php (db_query): 58

/home/…/core/fn.control.php (include): 567

/home/…/core/fn.control.php (fn_run_controller): 422

/home/…/admin.php (fn_dispatch): 28

I can only guess that you have screwed something up when you did your direct edits to the database… Sorry, but I can’t tell from this specifically what’s wrong.

Thanks for your time tbirnseth! I will contact cs-cart.