Can't Register Account or Add to Cart (Community Ed)

Hi All

I’ve installed and busy creating a store for my customer.

The system won’t allow me to add the item to the cart or even register an account.

it just reloads and nothing happens


Please could someone help me troubleshoot what the main problem might be.

PS; Tried in Chrome and Firefox!

Version 3


No joy, any help would be appreciated?

Community support for the cart is terrible.

You have a free version of something and you say community support is terrible? The community actually does a great job helping each other but with the fact that you are using the version that just came out a few weeks ago and most of us have not changed off the old one I'm not so sure you can say community support is terrible, we just are not all using the new thing yet.

BTW, if you want help faster maybe a good idea is for you to pay for a pro version and ask CS direct. Or you could pay for support. I'm not against the Community version as we use it on quite a few sites. Likewise we have pro versions. I'm just a little surprised at your comments.

I guess I should also mention, when you make statements like this most will just leave you to yourself.

Yes the support is horrible. No one even responded to the thread with over 40 views. There are CS-Cart tech support people on here who normally should have replied to a topic like this.

I understand that it's a new version, but a little response would have at least been appreciated.

I do not have any issues with cs-cart itself as I've been using it (yes, the PAID multi vendor edition)

I've never needed support before and sadly now I've had a poor experience. It's my opinion, and I'll stick to it for now until I'm proven that perhaps it's not so bad?

I'm downgrading to an earlier stable version regardless.