Can't Override

I can't get overides, hooks or templates, to work with my_changes.

My hook override for a hook in the invoice template:


Is ignored. I can create a pre or post hook and it will add stuff, but I want to completely replace everything between {hook} ... {/hook} because I added stuff in the middle.

I also attempted to simply overide the whole template with:


and again, it's ignored.

I did not forget to &cc&ctpl. It seems the only way is to edit the original .tpl, which I wanted to avoid for version updates. Any ideas on what I'm missing? The invoice template normally resides in the mytheme/mail/templates/... rather than mytheme/templates/..., it that the problem, and is there any way around it?

I can't either, but developers say all works well

Figured it out, have to treat the mail/templates folder as a separate entity, but same rules. Eg: addon goes in


Also note that there are mail templates for admin/backend as well.