Can't log into admin panel. no error


I can’t log into admin panel. Its not showing any error or notification . It was working one week before. i have tried to reset the password. but its telling page does not redirecting properly. i have cleared all caches.

i have disabled ssl also.

Please help me.

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  1. Provide a screen shot of anything that one would see (“help” doens’t give much of a visual).
  2. Check your PHP error_log for errors.
  3. Check your browser Error Console for errors.
  4. Report results.

Here i have attached my screen shots

first.jpg ->page redirection error. for resetting the password.

second.jpg → does not show any error and not log into admin panel.

third.jpg-> there is no error in browser error console. only warning

Recently i have changed server siteground to mediatemple. from the start so many problems.

PHP Error Log is:

There is no PHP Error in log. it was there upto jan05 only. after that no entry.

Please help me.




The 3rd image indicates a problem with keyboard events and the Firefox browser.

Try accessing your admin area using IE to see if that will work for right now.

In the login panel, it is asking for your email, no your “admin” name. This is set in the appearance settings panel.

As with others, here’s what I’d check…

  1. Use your email address associated with the admin account you are trying to login as. If you don’t know it, use phpMyAdmin to look at the cscart_users table to see the email address.

  2. Verify your config.local.php file has the correct addresses for your site. The too many redirection errors are probably a result of bad $config[‘http_host’] and $config[‘https_host’] settings.

Hi All,

I have given username purposely. if i enter something instead of giving email it should show some error na… it is not showing any error. That is the problem. if i give correct email that also not logging.

URL: [url][/url]

Yesterday i could able to access through some free proxy servers. that time i was removed SSL access in admin panel. But so many links i could not access because of free proxy servers blocked javascript.

But i could not access admin panel from my computer. i am in INDIA. my client is Australia. Both are not accessible the admin panel.

If i use this i can access.

Now i am into big problem. i could not manage orders. All customers are asking question. please help me.

Please provide the value of the $config[‘http_host’] and $config[‘https_host’] variables from your config.local.php file. They should both be set to:

The value of the RewriteBase in your .htaccess file should be:


// Host and directory where software is installed on no-secure server

$config[‘http_host’] = ‘’;

$config[‘http_path’] = ‘/cart1’;

// Host and directory where software is installed on secure server

$config[‘https_host’] = ‘’;

$config[‘https_path’] = ‘/cart1’;

this is my config.

did you read my previous reply. i could able to access proxyservers.

You don’t seem to have your store in a cscart1 subdirectory so you should get rid of that and just make it an empty string (‘’) for the http_path and https_path.

Last one year it was working fine in siteground hosting server. After changing server to media-temple. this problem occurred. this same directory structure i have used. Now i can’t remove “cart1” and make it root. so many absolute paths defined by customer. Please visit this url. [url][/url]. Give any wrong username and password. It does not showing any error.



In looking at your page, you have a div with an id of “notification-container” which should be updated dynamically with an pending error messages. That you don’t have any indicates a javascript prolem.

Get rid of your stuff and the site javascript will probably start running properly.

Look at your browswer error console. You have a doublclick error and a whorush error.

No. there is no any stuff related whorush. it might be other website’s error. open this website. Enter URL /cart1/admin286.php

Now enter some wrong username and password. you can see the error notification. Here its working fine. Even if i enter correct email and password its logging into admin panel.

So much confused.

All I know is that when I went directly to your site you have javascript errors related to


i have checked so many times… there is no stuffs related with whorush…



Seems the JS for whorush is now gone. I try to login with invalid id and am returned to a login prompt. You should be seeing an error notification but you are not. This would imply that you have something messed up with the javascript on the site or other issues. Impossible to debug from here.

Your site is EXTREMELY SLOW. So I’m assuming you are either generating a lot of errors in your php error_log or your hosting environment is not appropriate for cs-cart.

JavaScript can not be the problem. Other websites are hosted in same server. its working fine. I guess its blocking the ip. Previously i have made some changes for Session problem. It was signed out each and every page. That time i got solution from forum and made changes in session coding. In that coding they specified some proxy server or something like that.

But now i could not able to find that coding where i mad…?.. so sad… i planned to go back to siteground hosting… It was really nice… But they didn’t give proper support… When i get huge traffic. They simply made my website down without any information. So i changed server to media temple.

Javascript has nothing to do with the server.

I had the same problem, it was impossible to login

i found this





and it works