can't load fresh install: Store Builder Free fresh flickers/keeps loading forever / logs error: Undefined array key "REQUEST_URI"

I debated whether to approach this through CS-Cart channels or Softaculous channels. I’m approaching this through the CS-Cart forum/channel because, if this problem were caused by the Softaculous installation, it seems like it should fail in a more informative way.

I’m new to CS-Cart and am very much looking forward to trying/learning it! I just signed up with A2 Hosting and tried to set up CS-Cart on this subdomain:

Apparently Softaculous does support and install CS-Cart Store Builder Free, version: 4.17.1 (I read that some type of CS-Cart installation wasn’t supported as of a few years ago, but currently this version is).

I haven’t looked at the code yet, but wondered if this was the type of problem that is known and has an easy fix.

This is on A2 Hosting (shared hosting), and I honestly haven’t even been able to log in to the CS-Cart admin interface, nor to show the main page. Any ideas? What should I do?

I want it to work with Softaculous to make it easy to set up other peoples’ sites. But I’m pretty sure Softaculous won’t be able to address this.

Thank you very much, in advance.


Thank you for your interest in Store Builder Free.

As I can see, now website returns the following error:

Tygh\Storefront\RelationsManager::__construct(): Argument #3 ($schema) must be of type array, bool given, called in /home/virtueof/subsites/theshop/public_site/app/Tygh/Providers/StorefrontProvider.php on line 136

that could be caused by some missing files in your installation.

I’m afraid that the examination of the issue is not possible through our forum. However you can join our CS-Cart Store Builder Free chat, so we could help you in realtime.