Cant Get Recaptcha To Work

Hello, I am on cscart v 4.13.1 and the recaptcha addon seems to be broken I have added my keys to the website admin section both v3 and v2 keys, then I cleared my cache.

When v2 is selected the checkbox is never rendered on forms and when the form is submitted the failed anti bot warning comes up. v3 also produces similar results. The server logs dont record any errors, browser console is empty as well. I also can see any failing network request in the browser. How can I prevent this from happening so that I can use the module.

What theme do you use?

the responsive theme that comes with cscart

What theme do you use?

We are using the default responsive theme that comes with cscart

It is required to examine issue on your server. Try to uninstall and install reCaptcha module. If it does not help, please contact support team