Can't get local dev environment working


I’m trying to get everything working on a local dev machine. I copied all the files and imported the data from my client’s site. I have changed config.local.php URLs to ‘localhost.’

Initially, I was getting errors from my local cart trying to access absolute internal paths that only exist on that production server. I then did a replace in my code editor changing from the server’s filesystem path to the one I had locally. It changed several cache files and some upgrade files, all of which had the server’s filepath as literals, which seemed funky, but at this point I was desperate enough to try it anyway.

After doing that I went back to the browser and tried to load localhost. This caused a redirect to the production server. I made another change (I have to be honest, I can’t remember what it was and happened to miss taking a note of it) and now my localhost apache server is flat-out refusing connection.

I have no idea where to troubleshoot from here. Any suggestions?

This has been resolved, and honestly upon reading it I see it wasn’t a very good question to begin with.

What I’m now doing is using an install of CS cart and just copying over templates and custom add-ons. This is working okay for me.