Can't Delete Products

Help needed!

I logged into admin normally and bulk deleted 7-8 products and then the whole thing went crazy, it shows unusable page (no menu etc and options not working) when I go to products - see attached 3.jpg.

I need to delete over 200+ products. If I go product by product (which is still an option for me), the first product shows OK and then the very next page is distorted (see attached 1.jpg and 2.jpg).

I didn't upgrade for a long time and understand that the back-end is rusty but I am putting the site on sale and at this point only need to delete bunch of products so I am not interested in upgrade and all so my question is:

Is there a way to recover admin layout (only the product list seem to be affected) and if not is it possible to remove the products directly from database?

I am not seeing any images attached so here they are:

Enable development mode to see error details. As alternative, check server error logs