Cant delete/disable/create blocks on admin page?!

Im stumped here.

I was trying to add a new block for a special we are having on out site.

Did everything I was suppose to do in creating a block and it does not appear to show up on the

home page.

I even went to try and disable a previous block and try to delete a prevouis block on the admin page but it doesnt change on the home page at all!

It shows in the admin page that it was done.

I cleared my cookies and cache already and still nothing.

Has anyone had this problem?

Have you cleared the CS-Cart cache? (

Also, if you have caching agents like Smart Optimizer installed, manually delete their caches too.

I have cleared my domains cache with the ?cc code.


I didnt know you could clear the cache of the admin panel or had too. I thought just doing would do the job.

But i did the and it well cleared up and worked.

Weird how little things can do such a thing.

I appreciate the reply