Can't Check Out

I have a customer who is unable to check out and I’m posting her email to describe the issue. I am using version 2.2.4

"I have tried to order for two days and it appears that your site is not working. I would like to make a purchase but I am unable to do so. "

Then I asked her to let me know what it was doing.

“Filled my shopping cart and then went to check out. I tried one time without registering. That was as far as it would go, no checkout. I then tried to register filled in address, password and name and that was as far as it would let me go. Cleared tried again and that was as far as it would go. I tried last night two different time and again this morning.”

I seen some threads on this but they were on earlier versions and some time ago.

Anyone have any insight?


I can successfully order on both of your sites, presuming the site you have the problem with is one of those in your signature.

Have you tried clearing your sites template cache, by appending ?cc to your admin URL, like so:

You may find something in your PHP error logs related to this issue, whether or not you have access to the php error_log is another story. Ask your host.

Thanks for trsting. i see the test order you placed and yes, that is the site in question.

I have cleared the cache as suggested. I do that every few days or whenever I think of it.

I just enabled Keep HTTPS connection once a secure page is visited. I don't know if that helps or not.

Actually, when it goes back to a regular page, the browser says that some items are unsecure so I don't think that's gonna help complete any sales.

That won't help matters anyway but I don't think that will be the cause. Your cart/checkout is fine under HTTPS, it is only the homepage (and anywhere else you have hardcoded src=“http://…”). The images for 'Premium Backpacks', 'Heavy Duty', 'Build Your Own', etc. are causing this problem on the homepage - it looks like the is hardcoded in an HTML block. You should reference these relatively, ie.

instead of

That'll solve the unsecure warnings, but diagnosing your cart/checkout problem will likely require analysing your server logs.

Could your customer be one of those still using the trainwreck IE 6 ? (Unfortunately, there are still a few of those out there… )

If you seldom hear of an issue like this anymore, then my bet is this particular customer is still using IE 6

I've got some more info from my customer. Still having a problem with ordering. We get orders everyday so I know it doesn't affect all our visitors. But I see active carts where people go to the checkout, past adding to cart, and then the cart is abandoned. I know this is a normal behavior but if it's on my end, I really would like to fix it.

Here's the latest on this;

Customer: Again I tried to place an order so this time I tried by creating an account which I did but it will not go to the next page and allow credit card information. I logged out and logged back in and tried to edit and add the card information and it will not go to that page. I have checked the settings and I don't see anything that is blocking or cookie problems. I will try to place the order by phone tomorrow if I have time. Just don't know what the problem is.

Me: Can you tell me which browser you are using?

Customer: Windows system, Google pull

The customer said they would call in to place an order but never did. I received another communication today.

Customer: Well I still have a problem. I can get as far now as putting in my card information and then hit continue and it won't continue from that point and appears hung.

The order show still there each time I log in but I just can't complete.

Does this help anyone diagnose what's going on?

I appreciate the help.

Could be caused by a multitude of things…any time I've had a problem like this it's been caused by anti-virus/firewall software on the customers computer blocking Ajax or Javascript.

Some users have been reporting issues which exist in Windows 7 but not other variations of Windows, although there's nothing controlling the actions of the site as far as Operating Systems are concerned. 'Windows system, Google pull' doesn't mean anything to me. Did they mean Google Chrome, or they entered your site via a Google search using another browser?

Too many variables to look at, if you use Analytics you might be able to get information about their computer from within Google Analytics.

Thank you for responding. I'll ask if they're blocking Ajax or Javascript. Haven't had anyone else say anything but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened, just that they left without buying.