Can't bulk add Global Options to products

So I have a few hundred new products I just added and when I go to the “Add Products” link I just get the “loading” message at the top no matter how long I wait (waited a half an hour). This is in the Global Options area when you click “Add to products” at the bottom of the page.

I know I can go through and add them to each product separately but when you are talking a few hundred products this ends up taking a few days extra worth of work (all my products have between 3-6 options). Anyone else have this problem? Or have a fix?

UPDATE: I just had my “number of products” in the admin area too high. I had it set to be able to view 200 products at a time since I was working with so many new ones. Once I changed the setting to 50 it loaded.

This may help someone in the future.

since the update to 2.12 Ive had a problem with it as well but it was a size issue i guessed.

When i added products (to the global options) one particular search term (which has 1000 items, brought the pop up page to turn blank so i just had to do it by smaller categories).

never had the problem with 2.11 but i have been messing with files like .htaccess etc messing with memory limits.