cant bkup database from admin.php


i know this is a v2 forum but i have a 1.3.5sp4 question. I have just moved server and all is working fiine except, i can’t seem to back up the db from admin.php

When i click back up i just get:

If the page does not redirect automatically in 10 seconds, please click on this link: continue

A backup is made but with nothing in it. The var directory permissions are 777.

Ive been waiting for 2.0.9 to come out b4 upgrading- now its out i want to backup from the admin.php so i can follow the 2.0.* from 1.3.5sp4 upgrade instructions

If i backup from phpMyadmin, and call it “cscart135sp4-dump.sql” will i be able to use this backup of the database to upgrade or does it need to backed up from admin.php ??? :confused: