Can't add new pages under content tab


When I remove banner management module, i can add pages and clone pages. As soon as I turn on the banner manager, I get the Fatal erro below. So, I guess I can have pages or banners or not both on 2.012. Does anyone have any idea how to have both?

I keep getting a 404 error and the error below when creating a new page on content tab. I’ve cleared the cache in var customer and var admin. No luck. It happens when I clone a page or when I add a fresh page. The permissions in the all of var and file are 0777. Is this right? I was able to create a few pages about a month ago.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The other area after I hit save. The 404 happens before the save.

Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home8/groundvi/public_html/therapybay/var/compiled/customer/%%77^771^771082D5%%original.tpl.php on line 14

WORK AROUND: Here is the solution for this bug in 2.12. Sadly, every time I clear the cache you have to reverse or add this again to allow for pages to be cloned or even to add new pages. Which clearing he cache happens way to often. It really should be fixed on the next release as other will have this problem as they move to 2.12. Hope this helps someone. I don’t know why if happens but it happens.




the string needs to be declared before the array


The fix was provided by CS Cart and corrected the issue.