Can't add existing category to main menu block

CS-Cart single user 4.15.2
Trying to add existing category to main menu by clicking the ‘+’ button
but am only given the option of creating a new category.
In other words I can’t add an existing category to the main menu.
To reproduce simply go Design>Layouts>Layouts
Select main menu > block options > content > manage menus > select main menu

click ‘+’ to add category and you will see the problem.
This may not be a bug but the user manual provides no insight at all.

You have been redirected to the page where all available menus are displayed. Just selected required menu (e.g. Main menu) and add new items there

I know how to create new category but just can’t add an existing category.
‘+’ only gives me the option of creating a new category.
I must be missing something.

That’s because menu items are not associated with anything unless you specifically associate them to something. Menu items basically can be a link to anything (page, product, category, etc.).

Do you mean “+” in the Generate submenu section in my screenshot?

Thanks good people.
Not a bug. Just my none expert thinking.
Wishing you all well.

Not sure how to mark this as not a bug.

Another ( related ) problem.
I now have to correct another problem.
For some reason the $5.00 EACH category displays on the home page
but is not clickable. I am hoping the long screen shot attached may shed some light.
Perhaps I have messed up the category structure but not sure how put them all back
on the same tree.
Somehow I have ended up with 2 root levels.
Worked around it*
I specified a URL for $5.00 EACH category in Main menu design
but still puzzled about all of this.

Please share or PM me store-front URL with $5.00 EACH category

It’s OK now using my workaround. I am in the process getting the store to go live so I will certainly pm you as I am having a problem with loading speed. A paid job of course :slight_smile:

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