Can't Access Website On Lan

Hey there-

We launched our website last night after switching from Volusion. The site is up everywhere but for some reason we cannot access it on our LAN. I’ve submitted support tickets to our host and CS-Cart and spent hours on the phone with our house and ISP. No one has helped yet. We can configure our website if we leave the office but while we’re here we can’t get any work done.

When I ping our URL I get this message:

ping: cannot resolve Unknown host

We have no trouble accessing any other sites. I’ve tried to add an ‘A’ host under our DNS Zone Editor but it’s not really working because we’ve already got set up with the correct IP address under CNAME.

Totally lost here. Suggestions??


Have you tried accessing internally without the www?

That happen to my company's website. We could not access it with the www but could without.

Our network admin fixed it somehow