I'm using CS Cart Version 4.2.2

I do not have ANY kind of canonicalization add on installed, but yet some product pages and category pages are randomly generating rel="canonical" tags when I check the page source code.

This is creating a problem for search engines in SERPS. When I check keywords in Google for instance, its randomly ranking and switching between two pages with the same variation of the keyword. I want only ONE page to rank for a specific keyword and NOT multiple pages. The page that's supposed to rank has been crawled and indexed by Google and yet it's NOT showing in SERPS on a consistent basis.

I need help with this because it's rather puzzling to me how some pages are randomly getting rel="canonical" tags while others aren't, and how that's possible without a "canonicalization" addon installed and is there a way to control this?


Most possibly this code is generated by the SEO module. Try to temporary disable it and check. If yes and you think that the canonical URLs are not generated correctly, please contact CS-Cart support team