Cannot edit existing products!

Hi all.

I am suddenly having a problem with editing existing products. If I click on PRODUCTS and then select any product, it will show me two different things:

1- Sometimes the screen will just be blank/no product information show at all. Example screen shot is shown here:


2- The Information section of the product will display, but the block/tabs are missing and looks like they are jumbled at the bottom of the page.

This example picture is from the top of the edit product page (when it will appear):


And this is the picture at the bottom of that same product editing page where all the block/tabs are messed up but showing something:

[attachment=4936:Edit_Product_Screen-Are_these_the _missing_tabs.jpg]

Now looking through the actual customer side of the cart, when viewing the products everything looks normal as it should. So something is just messed up on the Admin side? I am not sure if it has something to do with those Smarty templates or …well I am not exactly sure even where to look what might be causing this. :-(

Any suggestions?

Thank you everyone!

-Tim H.



Edit_Product_Screen-Are_these_the _missing_tabs.jpg

Also I have put in a support ticket with CS-Cart yesterday but it looks like support is a Mon-Fri deal so maybe I will here something overnight tonight. But if they fix the problem I will post on here what happened/solution in case this happens to someone else.


Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be the problem that I can check into??

I submitted a support ticket but that was Saturday and I am really stuck with not being able to properly edit or add new products. :-(

And CS-Cart support has already closed down for the rest of today and I have to get this fixed but not sure where to look at.

The problem was fixed thank you to Anastasiya in support!


The problem occurred because a CS-Cart PHP script was trying to use more memory than your server allows it to.

To increase the memory limit, I took these steps:

  1. In the root CS-Cart directory, before opening the config.local.php file, I made a backup of it (config.local.php-backup02282012).
  2. In this file, I replaced the following part of the code:

// Set maximum memory limit
@ini_set('memory_limit', '48M');

with this one:
// Set maximum memory limit
@ini_set('memory_limit', '128M');

After that the problem was gone.


I am wondering since last week I did enable this feature: Google export in the Add-Ons

Now that I can see again the editing product tabs I see under the 'Features' there is now a large Google export features section with a massive Google product category (US) listing. Maybe this requires such a marge amount of memory for this feature it put the server of the limit.