Cannot complete installation

I’m new in PHP world and this installation of CS-Cart is my first more or less serious task that I’m doing. I’ve read the documentation and FAQ, and tried to apply some advices but they didn’t work in my case.

The problem is that when I install CS-Cart it doesn’t go further after “Host and database settings” step. After I fill the fields and press “Next” button I see that my browser is waiting for data from server, but after one minute it get standard “Cannot display the page” message from browser.

Need to mention that it really doesn’t’ matter if I enter valid credentials for MySql server or not. One minute and then timeout occurs. What really does matter is not to leave empty fields, otherwise an error will be shown.

Can you please advice anything on this? I’ve already changed INSTALL_DB_EXECUTION key in config.php and I tried to install even without populating DB with demo data. Didn’t help.

Thank you.

whos the host…you should speak to them aswell.


Found the problem. I was entering wrong host for MySql :frowning: Sorry :slight_smile:

Thank you!

[quote name=‘johnbol1’]whos the host…you should speak to them aswell.