Cannot check shipping rates if cart is empty

as per topic, anyone know where is $lang.no_rates_for_empty_cart in template? couldnt find it, i believe there is a setting if cart = empty then cannot show shipping cost, i would like to remove it, so i wonder if anyone have change this setting before

anyone know about this?

hello… help this one please?

thank you

please help for this situation. thanks

Maybe no one understands why you would want to have a shipping rate on an empty cart. I know I’m curious as to why you would want this option available. What are you checking shipping on if the cart is empty? Or am I misunderstanding what you are asking?

Shipping rates, per states, thats why it doesnt need to have item in cart to check shipping rates.

so anyone can provide where to remove {if no item in the cart} no shipping estimation, in template?

I am still confused by your questions. If you are using real time shipping rates, then you aren’t going to be able to get a rate for an empty cart. If the weight is 0 and the dimensions are 0, the rate is 0.

Even if you set flat rates for shipping, there still has to be a least one product in your cart for the calculation to work. Can you elaborate more on your question?