Cannot Add Apply Blog Layout To Main Blog Page

My fellow CS Cart community members.

I am finally ready to apply the build in blog addon that came with V4.3.x but I would very much like to rearrange which layout will be used by different blog posts.

When creating a new blog post I cannot select the layout I would like. Is that a hint to a … bug or am I missing something here.

Thanks in advance


I had the exact same problem. It seems that if you got the blog plugin by upgrading, it didn't create a Blog layouts tab.

Go to Design -> Layouts, then click "Add Layout Page" tab. When that pops up, choose Blog, then click Create.

Now if you go back to edit your blog pages and categories/parents, a Layout tab will appear.

In order to have a different landing page design than the blogs themselves, what I did was create all blocks for both the landing page and the individual blog article pages. The blocks intended for the individual blogs are turned 'on' by default, while the blocks I want on the landing page are 'off' by default.

I did this so that I don't have to go in and adjust blocks every time I create a new blog, and only have to adjust for the few category/parents that were created.

I hope that helps!

You can also import blog layout. The xml file is located here: