Cannot Access Admin Panel

Hello everybody. I am developing an addon for Cscart. Currently my addon is running on a local store. Yesterday it was fine, but after a night sleep, I couldn't access the admin panel. Every time I try to access it, I always get the reply "ERR_INVALID_REDIRECT" by the browser. I have tried to clone a backup that I am sure it was working and still I couldn't go to the admin panel. Any help on this issue is appreciated. Thank you all!

check your .htaccess rewritebase is correct if used , ege

RewriteBase /

for root or

RewriteBase /store

also make sure config.local file has correct information name of the admin.php name

and that the admin.php has been renamed correctly

and the host localhost or whatever

Thanks john not familar with how RewriteBase works but at least I know where the error is originating. Its coming from the realex_direct.php whne the payment is passed back.

The first line checks for BOOTSTRAP and if not set the returns "Access Denied"

use Tygh\Registry;
defined('BOOTSTRAP') or die('Access denied ');
if (!defined('PAYMENT_NOTIFICATION')) {
Just need to work out why now.