Canadian Payment Credit Card Processor


Can anyone recommend a payment processor/gateway solution other than PayPal for Canada?

We currently are using PayPal Standard (the store went live last week) and it is a nightmare! Lots of Pending, Failed and multiple orders. We can use PayPal Pro but they require a 20% / 90 day funds hold back which over 90 days is a lot of cash flow for a small business.

A lot of the Canadian providers are not listed on the CSCart list of payment methods?

Any suggestion for any proven solutions would be appreciated.


I’m based in Calgary and I’ve been using PayPal Pro for about 4 months and about 300 orders now and have run into a few issues. We’d been using Global Payments (Credit Card Processor) and Eigen Development (Merchant Account) for years and I was just about to cancel my account with them until I realized I needed two processors to handle payments for the few orders we run into problems with PayPal. I’m still happy enough to stay with PayPal, but here are the links to the aforementioned companies.


If you call Eigen, they will be able to facilitate the application for global. I really did not have any compaints with them, other than they were not supported by most carts by default and they have zero fraud protection. If the card works, they will process it. For one of our projects this resulted in a ton of chargebacks as we did not have any built in fraud apps, but now it’s a good thing as they will process orders that PayPal will not. For example we had a customer in Nigeria (legitimate) that PayPal would not touch. And often we have issues with people who have old PayPal accounts tied to a credit card that PayPal will not process until they update their account.

Their monthly fees are reasonably, but their fees for international credit cards are more than I think is reasonable (compared to PayPal), but I don’t know how they compare to other vendors as I’ve never compared.

Global Payments is an international US based company, but Eigen is based in Vancouver. I’ve called their support line at 2am in the past and they answered, so not too bad I guess.

Anyway, an option to consider, although CSCart does not support them. If you do end up going with them, I might consider splitting the costs of developing the module with you if it’s not too much. Right now I’m using the Virtual Terminal to process orders with them manually.