Canada shipping option wont show

This is for my older version - I haven't switched over yet (still configuring new version) & I have a new customer in Canada that wants to place an order.

I have Canada added as a shipping option (via UPS Canada Standard), but when they go to their cart she says it gives an error saying we don't ship to Canada. What am I missing?

Under Shipping Settings I have UPS Canada Standard added & active.

Under Shipping Settings there's nothing for Canada so I am assuming it uses my regular UPS account info?

Under Manage Countries I do have Canada added.

EDIT: Also how do I add Canadian Dollars as a currency?


Do you have a “Location” created for the country of Canada which also includes all Canadian Provinces?

[quote]Under Shipping Settings there's nothing for Canada so I am assuming it uses my regular UPS account info?[/quote]


Yes I do

I may be mistaken but I do not think you should be using UPS Canada if you're actually shipping from USA on a regular basis.?

What should I use? In Shipping Methods there is no Canada Post or other Canadian shipping option (still using old version of card)


That ships to Canada?

Try it. I don't know because I do not ship outside the US but I would imagine that if you are shipping from the US, you would still use UPS USA.

Ok but even still, I do have UPS USA enabled but when they enter their canadian location to estimate shipping, it says we don't ship to their location - it doesn't even bring up UPS USA as an option.

Brennie, try logging in as this Canadian customer via “Act on Behalf of”, add products to the cart and see what shipping options if any are returned. Then verify that their specific Province (with the proper abbreviation) is indeed listed within your Canadian Location. I would also verify that this customer has entered a valid Canadian Zip Code with the correct format. If you have multiple Canadian customers which you have shipped to in the past, then also “Act on Behalf of” one of these customer accounts see if rates are then returned to a different Canadian address.

We ship to Canada on a near daily basis thru either Fedex or US Postal (Several months ago did the same via UPS Canada Ground), so it works with the correct setup. I cannot verify this for you because I am running 2.1.4 and not currently using UPS for real time rates.

PSS: I just triggered a thought, Imagine that… For your UPS Ground shipping method you setup, shouldn't you be using “UPS Canada Ground” as the method to obtain these real time rates??

Sorry for late reply. When I enter Canada & the provice (Yukon) it does show 1 shipping option which is UPS International (doesn't show UPS Canada). When I enter the zip code she provided (y1a 3c8) it shows the no shipping available. I am waiting for a response from the customer about the correct zip… but am now wondering why it only shows UPS International?

This is actually our first Canada customer so don't have previous experience to go by.

As far as using UPS Canada Ground for real-time rates, is that a separate account I need to open with UPS? I already have a UPS account & thought it showed real-time rates for whatever destination? Like the international. I have shipped to Japan & it worked fine for that with UPS INternational (expensive tho!)

Brennie, I recall a few complaining that the space in the zip code causes problems as well.

It brought up the same error when testing without the space. Good to know that though!

I'm having a similar problem. I've created a new shipping method, set my locations/localizations correctly, but the new shipping method won't show up for international or Canadian addresses.

What gives?

Do you use real-time or manual quotes from shippers? We have used USPS to Canada, and tend to have real-time for Priority International Express and Manual for First Class… but you need to know the weights for all your products which can be really time consuming for manual. Also, we only send first class as registered, so that is a hard-initial price to start with. For global express, we have a “contact us” option, which translates to customer choosing Priority express, then adding a “customer defined price” product item for the difference. Additionally, we also use SnoRocket's Invoice / Quote for alternate shipping arrangements if the above is too confusing for the customer.

ie. I found that using real-time quotes for:

USPS = Priority International Express

UPS = International Ground Saver, International Express next day

FedEx = Global Express

I don't think the quotes have anything to do with cs-cart, but the API limitations from the carriers.

I use real-time for all my shipping methods.