Canada Post Shipping Problems / Help Needed

Hi there,

We're facing an issue using Canada Post shipping method on CS 4.2.4

We looked at the instructions for setting up Canada Post, but the whole system is confusing.

We don’t understand why there is an option when setting up Canada Post for Package length, width, and height. Since there are many different package sizes for our products, shouldn’t that be input for each product uploaded depending on the package size?

We're confused as to what should be input there (screenshot) when all our products have different sized boxes:

We've uploaded 2 test products with all the shipping information included, but have consistently received undercharged rates (even after adding a 10% variance).

From the CS Cart forum posts we've reviewed, it looks as though CS Cart doesn't calculate dimensional shipping, just by weight.

For that reason, is there any alternatives you'd know or possibly give us a quote for making a custom module?

Thank you