Canada post integration and shipping labels

Hi Guys!

Considering using Canda Post for shipments.

has anyone integrated it?

More than calculating shipping rates I am interested in being able to print shipping labels and return labels in a seld adhesive label

Has anyone done it?

really value your input.

Here is a link of Canda post websited with details for ecommerce sotres:

Canada Post – Developer Program Tour - What is it?


We have this on our roadmap.

Contact me at and let me know your volume, what services you use and where you're shipping to. I can let you know when a beta is available.


Hi Guys!

any news or updates for integration between cs-cart and canda post or purolator?

any solution currently available for canadian stores?


would you be willing to finance the dev of this ?

i got a 450$ quote or somemthing,

if we can get 10 guys, it's 45$ a pop.