Can you help me make a tiny change?

On the admin screen where you change the status of the order, I wanted to show the current status, so I added a couple of lines…


Current {$lang.status}: {$order_info.status}


But this shows the status "code" (i.e. "C" or "P") - How can I make it show the wording of the status.. i.e. "Complete"

BTW, in case you want to knwo why I did this, it's to stop me from updating the status twice, and sending out emails twice..

Instead of {$order_info.status}, seems like you need the description instead of the “code”, something like {$order_status_descr} ?

Thanks for the help, but for what it’s worth, this is what i did…

Current {$lang.status}: {include file="orders_pages/order_status.tpl" status=$order_info.status display="view"}