Can You Adjust Columns On Customer Orders View?

As a customer it's difficult to navigate the orders you placed on your account. There's no information or link to the product, but what is even more weird is it shows the customer....which is always the same person. So, if a customer placed 7 orders they can see their name 7 times, but there's no way to see which product was for which order.

My question is, can we hide the "Customer" column and replace it with the a "Product" column so it's easier for buyer to navigate their orders?

I'm not sure when it would be useful for the buyer to see their own name repeated on the list while also having no information on which order was for which product.

See attached image.

Thanks for anybody who is familiar with this issue.


According to your screenshot, 3rd party theme is used. So it is better to contact theme developers with your questions

I contacted the Theme Developer. They said the list for Orders is the standard list from CS-Cart. Which still confuses me why a customer looking at their orders would want to see themselves as the customer on every order.

I can't imagine this is right.

In this case you should change table content in the following template



Maybe this addon will be useful?

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