Can We Display User Group Prices From Quantity Discount Tab

I'm creating discounted pricing for users who are registered & logged-in. Since my prices are not a fixed percentage, I am unable to use the "promotions" method, and instead, am using the Quantity Discount method to provide the discounted pricing.

e.g. Original Price is $1000. In Quantity Discount, I add the price $950 for registered user.

So in the templates, I am able to get the $950, by using the $product.price variable. But is it also possible to retrieve the original price of $1000 so I can display what the original price is (and compute the discount percentage).

I've tried $product.clean_price, $product.original_price, $product.old_price , but all of this display as $0.

Note: I am unable to use list price, as it is a multi-storefront, and the price for each store is different.

This value is not retrieved from database. So you should make additional requests to database to get it