Can`t Change The Administrator User Group


I try to create new administrator user group called for example Support and I give him rights only to export/import products but after save he has all rights not only to export/import products.How can I make him to have rights only for export/import products?


It sounds more like a bug if that is the case. What is the cs-cart version number?

The latest Multivendor Version

Make sure that you are logged in as the “Super-admin” (The first admin created) when you try to create new admin-groups.


Yes I am logged as Super Admin.

Can you provide a screenshot of your new administrative group permissions page?

He's set as active only on your custom admin user group, and marked as declined on the regular admin user group, correct?

Make sure that you did not forget to activate the Support user group to the required administrator. The status should be Active, not Available. Such things happen :)

Thank YOU!

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Thank YOU!


You are welcome!