Can someone explain the filters

I can't figure out how to use the Filters feature. I mean I can see how to add one, but it seems like the options are extremely limited.

When I go to add a filter for one, it only shows to add categories. How do I add products instead of categories?

And then the filter by is either Google stuff or by price it seems. What am I missing here?

Products are assign through product features. Product filters are created based on product features.

Ok. So I went to go create a new feature and it also only allows you to assign categories, not products.

Basically I want to create a filter for wick-count. i.e. candles with 1 wick, candles with 2 wicks, etc. How do I do this?

Checkout the Features tab on product edit page, that is the actual value assignment place.

I created a feature called Wicks.

Added 2 categories from which a couple of candles would apply.

Checked: Show on Features Tab, Show in Product list and Show in Product Header.

And just to make sure I understand you correctly, to create filter I need to:

  1. First create a Feature
  2. Then assign the feature per product
  3. Then create the filter?

    Seems like a lot of steps just to user filters.

Also when I go to create a filter, the newly created wick feature doesn't show up in the Filter By list.

Disregard all of the above - I think I've got it working.


Could you give me step by step directions on how you created filters? Seems a little confusing, I am trying to do a brand filter but not having much luck.


A good way to start would be to check out the online demo and learn how it is done there.

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A good way to start would be to check out the online demo and learn how it is done there.


And KB :)

  1. Product features

  2. Product filters based on product features

Thanks for the help, I got it.