Can I have a payment go to a supplier?

I have a store I’m working on for a client. They will sell motors, parts etc.

I will be handling the apparel sales though my company and will be designing, supplying & shipping. The owner doesn’t want to handle the apparel sales himself and handed it to me. I’ll be paying them a commission (or giving them free merchandise for their crew.)

Is there a way to have the payments for apparel purchases only route into my account instead of theirs? I don’t want to have to create a whole new CS store just to do this.

Here’s another thing, I also have a CS store for my website (a web forum that discusses my clients products as well as other brands) and I’ll be selling apparel as well. If the above mentioned doesn’t work, (the separate payment to a supplier) is there a way to make my store have a hidden area (with no logo or branding) that has my clients apparel? I want to keep the two separate.